Criminal Conviction Notification

Pursuant to MCR 9.120(A), when a lawyer is convicted of a crime, the lawyer, the prosecutor or other authority who prosecuted the lawyer, and the defense attorney who represented the lawyer must notify the Grievance Administrator and the Attorney Discipline Board of the conviction.  This notice must be given in writing within 14 days after the conviction.

A lawyer conviction of any crime, including misdemeanors must be reported.  A conviction occurs upon the return of a verdict of guilty or upon the acceptance of a plea of guilty or no contest


Criminal Citations Issued To


robert dunn eklund jr. p30331 Jan 05, 1953

"Homestead Tax Exempt"  3080 E. Alice St. Whitehall Township

eklund_NO_TAX_3080_Alice St


1.  July 19, 2008 08-5589 Muskegon County Sheriff "87259 kurt medendorp"  at-large

2.     November 06, 2008    08-2098  Whitehall Police Department at-large


"Homestead Tax Exempt" eklund/buckridge

5601 South Shore Drive Fruitland Township

ekulund_5601_South Shore Drive

November 08, 2008


3.     Febuary 25, 2009   09-01289  MCSD    at-large  barking

4.     Febuary 27, 2009   09-1319  MCSD Report animal other  at-large/barking´┐Ż

5.     May 17, 2009   09-3348  MCSD Report animal other   at-large/barking´┐Ż

6.     July 13, 2009   09-5095  MCSD   at-large  barking

7. December 22, 2010  #406707  Vector Control   @largeCitation5








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